3:30 pm15:30

BSEA Annual General Meeting


AGM 2018:

All members are welcome.

At 3.30pm

Nominations for:

President, Secretary, Treasurer, Returning Officer, Public Officer, and Committee Member should ideally be notified in writing to the BSEA email address by the 11th November. However, nominations can be accepted from the floor, at the Returning Officer’s discretion.

It is anticipated that the AGM will take approximately 30-40 mins.

Please join us for an occasion of celebration in a social setting that has a special place in BSEA efforts. You are also free to discuss the future directions of BSEA and how you can be a part of an evolving group making an impact.

At 4.30pm

There will be an unveiling of the sign now in place at the pedestrian entrance to the OBF. The sign celebrates the Community Ownership of the 25 Kw. Solar array now in place on the roof of the Old Butter factory Café.

The people who invested in the Old Butter Factory Café solar project are also invited to the unveiling.

All business should be finished by 5.30pm.

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