Community Owned Renewable Energy

Community energy is a growing global movement of people who want to see our energy systems running on clean, renewable energy, owned by the community and generating income for the community.

Community-owned renewable energy projects are those that help decarbonise, decentralise and democratise our electricity system and demonstrate that renewable energy technologies work.

These projects develop local renewable energy resources for electricity, heat and fuel in ways that:

  • reflect the motivations and aspirations of the local community;

  • maximise local ownership and decision making;

  • share the financial benefits widely;

  • match energy production to local usage.

One of the strengths of community renewable energy is that every project is slightly different, being tailored to each community’s needs and context.


Why is community owned renewable energy important?

Community-owned renewable energy projects create social, political, environmental, economic and technological benefits by:

  • strengthening local economies;

  • building community participation, resilience & empowerment;

  • educating people about renewable energy and involving them in creating a sustainable low carbon future;

  • directly and significantly reducing a community’s carbon footprint;

  • developing renewable energy industries, technology, jobs and training.

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Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE)

The Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance forms part of a growing global community energy movement and we are a member of the national Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE).


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