Community Power -
Taking control of our own electricity supply and demand. 


Our Vision

An equitable, affordable and carbon free energy future for all residents of the Bellingen Shire.


Local ownership

Supporting locally owned renewable electricity generation.

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Affordable electricity for all

Facilitating access to affordable, clean energy for everyone in our community whether they be owners or renters.

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Energy efficiency & conservation

Ensuring we have an energy savvy community who can take control of their electricity use.


Reducing carbon emissions

Developing a carbon free power system to limit the worst effects of climate change.

Generating zero net imports from the electricity grid, that is, as a community we locally generate and feed in to the electricity grid the same as or more than we use.


BSEA is a community-based not-for-profit association.

Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance is a voluntary group intent on action to take back local control of our electricity industry. Community-owned renewable energy in the Shire safeguards our environment, our local economy and our community spirit.

We form part of a growing global community energy movement and are a member of the national Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE).


Our Goal

Zero net imports from the Grid by 2025

The Shire should be pulling its weight on eliminating CO2 emissions, for the sake of the planet and for the Shire.

If you are interested in knowing more or joining us then please get in touch…