Community-Owned Solar Array at the Old Butter Factory, Bellingen

The first community-owned renewable energy installation in the Bellingen Shire will save one million kilograms of Greenhouse Gas emissions over its lifetime.

The Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance (BSEA), is proud to announce a 25kW rooftop solar PV installation at the Old Butter Factory (OBF) complex, as enabled by local Community investment. This project see residents and business working together for community and our environment, and provides both financial and environmental benefits.

This is the first Community-Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) installation in the Bellingen Shire, and may become the example for many CORE projects that transition the Shire towards zero net carbon emissions and zero net load on imported fossil-fuel-derived electricity.

BSEA is a not-for-profit formed in 2013 aiming for a Bellingen Shire with zero net electricity demands upon the grid, by 2025. BSEA believes in the environmental benefits of renewable energy, compounded with the benefits of locally distributed ownership of the energy we consume.

This project has been facilitated by the BSEA - identifying the project and bringing together the required stakeholders including expert partners in community solar finance and commercial solar power systems and PPA’s.

This initiative is about empowering Bellingen, protecting the environment and enhancing local equity in our Shire’s energy production and management. This “Community Powered Butter Factory” is the first step of many of the BSEA plans to take to help transition tour community.


Our first Community Owned Renewable Energy project is now completed!

A 25kW solar PV array has been installed on the roof of the Old Butter Factory in Bellingen. It was funded by 20 local community investors.

The solar array is now producing enough solar electricity to bring down energy costs at the Old Butter factory complex, repay the community investors and stop 1,000,000 Kilos of greenhouse emissions being released into the atmosphere over the next 30 years.