Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance is a group of passionate volunteers who came together in 2014 out of concerns about how, as a community, we prepare for a low carbon future.

Recognising that electricity production is one of the major contributors of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, BSEA was established to support the Bellingen community in moving rapidly towards generating its own power.

We are a group of locals who believe that we need to decarbonise, decentralise and democratise our electricity system.


Our current system of electricity generation is failing us. It is old, dirty and expensive. We want to see this changed.

Our aims

  • Facilitating access to affordable, clean energy for everyone in our community whether they be owners or renters

  • Ensuring we have an energy savvy community who can take control of their electricity use

  • Supporting locally owned renewable electricity generation

  • Developing a carbon free power system to limit the worst effects of climate change

  • Generating zero net imports from the electricity grid i.e. as a community, we locally generate and feed in to the electricity grid the same as/or more than we use.

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We have a framework for action that supports passionate people to come forward to lead projects supported by the committee.

Our Structure

Our group is a membership-based associated organisation with a committee structure of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. All members are welcome to join the committee by putting their hand up and attending our Annual General Meeting.